Basing plastic trees and plants for games

It’s really pretty easy to populate a table with trees and plants.

All you really need is cardboard, white glue, 1″ fender washers, wood putty, brown stain, green flock and an assortment of plastic trees and plants.

Take your wood putty and roll it in a 1/2″ to 1″ ball. The taller the plant/tree then the larger the ball of putty. Stick this ball onto your fender washer then stick your tree/plant into the putty. For trees, spread the edges of the putty out creating an irregular shape around the washer. This also provides a larger base.

After the putty hardens, for smaller plants you can dip the entire thing in the stain. For trees you can dip just the top and the base in the stain.

This will darken the putty and stain will also darken the veins in the plant leaves, giving them more depth. Some folks will then spray them will dull coat which proves a base for dry brushing additional color.

The weight of the washers and putty is usually enough to keep smaller trees and plants from tipping over on the gaming table.

For larger trees, I usually glue the trees to irregular oval cardboard bases. I then coat the cardboard and part of the putty with glue and then flock.

The pictures below show the 3 inch palm trees we sell in our webstore (item PHTR02). Now these trees come in pairs, attached at the base (see the leftmost tree in the top picture). I generally cut them apart to make individual trees for variety. These can also be used as large ferns by cutting the trunks ‘way down (bottom picture).

3 inch plastic palm trees with 28mm figures

The picture below shows the 6 inch palm trees well sell in our webstore (item PHTR01). It took less than two hours work to get twelve trees to look that nice.

6 inch plastic palm trees with 28mm figures