Giant Gor from Black Orc Games

I am very glad we are able to offer some of Black Orc Games’ Hundred Kingdoms miniatures. There are some very fine figures in this line.

My favorite is the ‘Giant Gor’ figure. I use it my Victorian Science Fiction miniatures games. Think “Mighty Joe Young”.

Giant Gor

This picture shows “Gor” with a 28mm figure from Foundry’s “Darkest Africa” line.

And yes, I paint most of my figures with inexpensive craft paints. They work just fine for most projects.

Charity Miniature for the Boy Scouts

Recently I donated some casting work to my son’s Boy Scout Troop. They designed jewelry which I cast and they sold at a local festival to raise funds for summer camp.

Well, one of the scouts designed a monster rather than a piece of jewelry.

Boy Scout Charity Miniature

I went ahead and cast up 100 of them because he showed a lot of creativity for a twelve year old.

I am selling them for the scouts in the Left Hand Miniatures web store for $2.00 each. 100% of the purchase price will go to Troop 221 in Wyoming, OH.

What do you mean Navy & White won’t do?!?

In the US, everyone seems to think Japanese School uniforms have to be painted Navy & White.

BORING! There is a whole lot more to Japanese school uniforms than those two colors.

Research! That’s the key. But where…?

Don’t worry Bucko! In 2007, Strap-ya crafted 20 different Japanese school girl cell phone straps based on careful research on the trendiest school uniforms in the nation.

How? The uniforms were ranked from 1-20 based on which girls’ schools were the most popular with the boys. Teenage testosterone. Works every time.

Uniform Phone Straps

Notice the variations in style, from the classic sailor suit to the sleeveless sweater tops.

Full chart of all twenty below:

Uniform Phone Straps 1

New Japanese Schoolgirl Greens

The greens are in for the Niban High School.

Sculpted by Simon Fraser, he has done a great job.

Estimated shipping date on these figures is July 25.

Standing 28mm tall and dressed in pleated skirt with Naval Blouse and slouch socks, these four young ladies each come with three options (Civilian, Archaic weapon, Modern weapon) so you can customize them to fit your needs.

Niban Schoolgirls 1 & 2

LHJS21 – Niiban High School Girl with Wave/Mac10/Pudao

LHJS22 – Niiban High School Girl with Schoolbag/Dynamite/Nunchucks

Niband Schoolgirls 3 & 4

LHJS23 – Niiban High School Girl with Flashlight/AK47/Katana

LHJS24 – Niiban High School Girl with Book/Crowbar/Deer Horn Knife

You can pre-order these figures now. Pre-orders will ship as soon as the figures are available.