And the Contest Winners are…

Thanks to everyone who entered Left Hand Miniatures “Name our January Releases” Contest. Each person whose submitted name was selected received a copy of all the figures shipped free. The winning entries came in from four different countries.

So who were these brilliant individuals?

A – “Holly Go Heavily Armed” – Named by Hugh Walter from Fleet in the UK.
B – “Deadeye Davina” – Named by John D Salt from Swindon in the UK.
C – “Empress Leonesse” – Named by Joakim “The Miniatures Man” Ström from Hägersten in Sweden.
C – “Sanura” the lion – Named by JJ Parus from Virginia Beach in the US.
D – “Haleloke” – Named by Harry Kruger from Las Vegas Sin City in the US.
E – “Uma Caulder” – Named by Gary Richards from Gergal in Spain.











All these miniatures are now available on the Left Hand Miniatures website:
CB’s Imaginings

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