Meet Rosie…

Meet Rosie “Guns” Kowalski, the hardest working person you will find at any construction site.

Rosie comes with several build options; a pneumatic hammer, a nail gun or a really, really long pry bar.

And… you can never quite be sure what else she carries in that tool belt.

Sculpted by C. Bradford Gorby, Rosie is the latest 28mm addition to the CB’s Imaginings line of miniatures available only at Left Hand Miniatures.


And the Contest Winners are…

Thanks to everyone who entered Left Hand Miniatures “Name our January Releases” Contest. Each person whose submitted name was selected received a copy of all the figures shipped free. The winning entries came in from four different countries.

So who were these brilliant individuals?

A – “Holly Go Heavily Armed” – Named by Hugh Walter from Fleet in the UK.
B – “Deadeye Davina” – Named by John D Salt from Swindon in the UK.
C – “Empress Leonesse” – Named by Joakim “The Miniatures Man” Ström from Hägersten in Sweden.
C – “Sanura” the lion – Named by JJ Parus from Virginia Beach in the US.
D – “Haleloke” – Named by Harry Kruger from Las Vegas Sin City in the US.
E – “Uma Caulder” – Named by Gary Richards from Gergal in Spain.











All these miniatures are now available on the Left Hand Miniatures website:
CB’s Imaginings