USPS does it again. New January 2016 Shipping increase.

Starting January 17, 2016, USPS has increased their Flat Rate Priority Mail rates as follows:
Small – From $5.25 to $6.80 – a 29.5% increase
Medium – From $11.30 to $13.45 – a 19% increase
Large – From $15.80 to $18.75 – a 18.7% increase

The reason that these increases are so dramatic is they have done away with the 10% discount business rate Left Hand Miniatures has gotten in the past and are now charging us the retail price.

What we have decided to do is continue to offer you the 10% discount we no longer get on all orders over $13.00USD.

So new Domestic Shipping rates on orders over $13.00 are:
Small – From $5.25 to $6.10 – a 13.3% saving to you
Medium – From $11.30 to $12.10 – a 12% saving to you
Large – From $15.80 to $16.85 – 12% saving to you

We may also ship First Class Mail if the cost is less that Priority Mail Flat Rate. If we do ship at a rate less than what you have pre-paid, we will refund the difference to you.

Shipments to Europe:
Shipping a 4ox (114g) package to Europe was $9.18 and a 5oz (141g) package to Europe was $12.33 USD, now up to 8oz (227g) is $13.50 (+47% to +9.5%).
Shipping a 10oz (283g) package to Europe was $14.40 USD and a 16oz (453g) package to Europe was $16.16 USD , now 9-16oz (453g) is $22.50 (+56% to +39%).

Again, on all international orders over $13.00USD, we will offer the 10% discount we no longer get.
This means shipping on orders to Europe under 9oz will likely run $12.15, and shipping on orders to Europe from 9oz-16oz will likely run $20.25.

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