OUCH! These new shipping costs really HURT!

On January 28, 2013, the US Postal Service once again increased the cost to ship packages.

At this time we are going to try to get along without increasing our US shipping costs. BUT the cost to ship to other countries has increased dramatically, and we have no choice but to pass those costs along.

For example, to ship a package to Europe (including the UK) now costs:
Up to 4 oz = $8.88 USD discounted, $9.95 USD full price
4.1 oz to 8 oz = $11.46 USD discounted, $12.75 full price
8.1 oz to 12 oz = $13.41 USD discounted, $14.90 full price
12.1 oz to 16 oz = $15.08 USD discounted, $16.75 full price

Please note that if possible, Left Hand Miniatures will quote you a discounted price, if it is available to us from the USPS. About 40% of our sales ship overseas, so this latest shipping increase will probably hurt.